Thursday, June 4, 2009

BMW Z4 Coupé

The car shown here is a BMW Z4 Coupe. Colours and wheels relate to this model only. Ranges and combinations may differ depending on the BMW Z4 Coupe model.

BMW Z4 Coupé Alluring, agile, amazing
Image tags: bmw x4, bmw s4.

Alluring, agile, amazing. The BMW Z4 Coupé.

BMW Z4 Coupe exterior
Image tags: bmwz4, bwm z4.
Image tags: bkw z4, bmw z4.

A wolf in wolf's clothes. The exterior.

BMW Z4 Coupe interior
Image tags: bwz z4, bm z4.

Ready for take-off. The interior.

BMW Z4 6-cylinder engine
Image tags: bm3 z4, bmw z44.

Passion to the power of six. The 6-cylinder engine.

BMW 6-speed automatic transmission
Image tags: bmw 4, bmw zz4.

The 6-speed automatic transmission. From the racetrack to the open road.

BMW Z4 Coupé Lightweight chassis
Image tags: bma z4, bmw a4.

Lightweight chassis on the BMW Z4 Coupé. Beautifully balanced.

BMW Z4 Coupé four-wheeled athlete
Image tags: bm wz4, vmw z4.

Suspension and damping. For a four-wheeled athlete.

Z4 Coupe Electric power steering
Image tags: bnw z4, bmw 4z.
Image tags: bbmw z4, bmmw z4.

Electric power steering. Maximum performance, maximum control.

Image tags: bmw zr, bme z4.

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). Engineered for enjoyment.

BMW Z4 Coupé cockpit
Image tags: mbw z4, bnw z4.

You're in control. The cockpit of the BMW Z4 Coupé.

BMW Coupe Cornering Brake Control
Image tags: bmw a4, bkw z4.

Cornering Brake Control (CBC). Take a strong line.

BMW Z4 Run-flat tyres. Going so much further
Image tags: bjw z4, bmq z4.

Run-flat tyres. Going so much further.

Z4 Coupé Bi-xenon headlights
Image tags: hmw z4, bmw ze.

Bi-xenon headlights with illuminated rings. Shining examples.

High-performance braking system
Image tags: bmw z5, bm wz4.

High-performance braking system. From 100 to zero.

Coupe Brake Force Display
Image tags: vmw z4, bmw s4.

Brake Force Display - Send the right signals.

Z4 Coupe innovative service concept
Image tags: bmwz o4, gmw z4.

Service begins in the vehicle. The innovative service concept.

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